Publié: 1 novembre 2013 dans PODCASTS

Hey massives !
November podcast is now avalaible with DJ Rolla from Geneva.

Dj Rolla is the Freebase Corporation’s DJ and co-producer.
With his friend Dj Spire, he established 100DECKS! to set up drum’n’bass parties in Artamis/Geneva.
Since 1999, he also plays at the well known swiss first web radio,
Since 2013, with his dude Kenhobiz, he promotes drum’n’bass parties at Usine/Geneva.
Join those massive events, they are called « Drum’n’bass in your face! »
PLEASE NOTE: His real love in music is playing it, and loud!
Dj Rolla just rocks the party!

Hope you’ll enjoy it


Nookie – The Lobster Interlude
Sam Binga – AYO (feat. Redders)
Response – Creep
Incognito – Black Magic (Philth Remix)
Dark Soul – Rise Your Weapon
Lynx – Bobby Says (feat. Hellrazor & Bobby Esmond)
Enei – The Bonebreaker
Gamma & Hydro – Mayday
Pixel – Nebula feat. H2flo
Epok – Obstacles
Nickbee – Apollo 18
Quadrant feat. Kid Hops & Iris – Convergence
NickBee – Era
Cause4Concern – Soul (Mob Tactics Remix)
Gridlok – Westbank

Nuff respect


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