Publié: 1 juin 2013 dans PODCASTS

Hi massives.

This month we’re listening Uk bassmusic with <a href= » »>DJ Malki</a>.
It’s all about Deep Fuzz / UKG / Future sounds / Uk Funky & things like that !

Playing in a lot of parties around Geneva, he recently plays in the ZOO for a « Top ranking » night. « Top ranking » the bass music event in geneva, from roots rock reggae, to dub, dubstep, jungle and drum&bass hosted by O.B.F Sound system!!


1. Gerry Read       –    Liver [SAUCEPANJAMS01]
2. Ekoclef          –    lens flare oh yeah [MAD013]
3. Rustie           –    Neko [WAP300]
4. Jimmy Edgar      –    Touch Yr Bodytime [HFLP008]
5. Kevin Mcphee     –    Version 5 [3024-021]
6. Gatekeeper       –    Tree Drum (Total Freedom Debt Stalking Version)
7. Jam City         –    Her [NSLP 002]
8. Pearson Sound    –    PLSN [HES009]
9. Kode 9 vs. LD    –    Bad [HYP008]
10.Teeth            –    Shawty [502 003]
11.Distal           –    Short & Sweet [WRINDIV003]
12.DJ RASHAD        –    Can’t Hold Me Back
13.Manni Dee & Deft –    This One, The Art Of The Possible [2NDRP12023]
14.Seba             –    Pressure Point [METHPLA 010]
15.Amit             –    Toom Many Freedoms [ZIQ159]

Nuff respect

This is only promo mix. All rights goes to the Artists/DJs/Producers


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